1. What are the minimum requirements to run the software?
    Minimum requirements are: 
    - PHP 5.2.6 and above
    - MySQL 4 or 5
  2. What language was used to develop the software?
    We used PHP as our development language.
  3. Do you provide after sale support?
    Yes, we do provide after sale support. Each purchased script will be entitled for free one year updates and support.
  4. What is the software license term?
    Each script purchased is licensed to only one website. To buy more, just add new license to your shopping cart.
  5. How to contact us?
    You can reach us by contact us form or by email to support[at]neptunescripts.com. Replace [at] with @.
  6. How report a bugs?
    You can report a bug via our support ticket system at http://neptunescripts.com/support
  7. Do you provide installation service?
    Yes, we do provide installation service. You can add it to your shopping cart in buy now page.
  8. Do you provide script's modification service?
    Yes, we do. Contact us now to get your quotation.
  9. Can you suggest a good web hosting to run your scripts?
    All our script run smoothly on HostGator web hosting. You can get yours here